Thursday, 30 June 2016 0 comments


She had fantasies in her eyes
And they were all real
Like her own fantasy self

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Monday, 30 May 2016 0 comments

A Dead Heart

Ab jab kay tum nahin ho
Tu lagta hai jaise
Sab kuch hai

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Thursday, 26 May 2016 0 comments


He needed her
As if
She was money

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Thursday, 19 May 2016 1 comments


جیب کے اندر کیا ہے؟
 سب دیکھتے ہیں
دل کے اندر بھی ایک دنیا ہے
کوئی دیکھتا ہی نہیں
بد نصییب انسان کو کچھ اور
سوجھتا ہی نہیں  

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The Power That I Call Love

Often times, we help others and feel good about them and ourselves too. And yet another times, we have all it takes to help others but we deliberately don't. Maybe, we think it's not going to make any difference. We feel but we ignore.  We see but then we turn our eyes the other way.

Being helpful to someone in need is the loveliest gesture a human being might have. Even the non human beings bring it on, only if we observe. They, too are seen helping each other. But here, we are particularly talking about humans. Helping others takes nothing and sometimes, it takes a whole mind and soul to crush the mountains of ego and envy coming in front.

We humans are queer and strange. We would help someone if you are sure that they won't excel us. The moment we assure ourselves of their victory over us, we cease to help. Well, that's the selfish part of us, we all have it, we all experience it.

Let's not complicate it. Let's make it simpler. Life is about small acts of kindness and you know what? It really does not take anything to bring a great change. Well, it does in some cases but in many cases, it does not.

Let's think for a while;

Does it cost much to feed someone who is hungry?
Does it cost much to help a blind man cross the roads?
Does it cost a milloin to listen to a wounded heart?
Does it cost a life to give a smile to a begger?
Tell me,
What does it cost to be soft with someone who is struggling in life?

You know, we are all struggling. This life is a bitch, a merciless bitch. It has made us all vulnerable and wounded but we can make it beautiful and worth living if we just know the power of small acts of love.

There is this quote by Charlie Chaplin and I just love it. It says;

“You need Power,
only when you want to do
something harmful
Love is enough
to get everything done.”

Our society has lost the truth of love. We think, only power can bring change. That's not right. There is no power that is powerful than love. We need to know that change would take place only when we all assemble and agree to the fact that small acts of love are enough to bring smiles on the empty faces. Making things easy for others in daily life is a great achievement in itself. The happiness that you can get in helping someone in need is priceless and you sure cannot get it by shopping your ass off.

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