Monday, 3 March 2014 0 comments

Nanha Shagufa

Uss ne, 
Hawa ki baat maan li
Woh urh gaya..
Hawa k sath sath
Woh najane kahan hai ab?
Meri nazar se duur
Har khabar se duur..

Magar nahin!

Woh jahan kahin bhi hai
Mere har hissay ka hissa hai
Meri zindagi ka qissa hai..
Main shaakh hun usski
Woh mera nanha shagufa hai.. 

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Monday, 24 February 2014 0 comments


Tum aaye
Mere paas baithay
Mujhe daikhte rahay...
Aur phir
Boht pyyar se
Mera hath pakar k 
Boht dair tak 
Mujhe manatay rahay...
Kabhi kabhi 
Tumhare khayal mujh ko 
Dikhayi daitay hain...

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Saturday, 22 February 2014 2 comments

She Is Nuts...

Aap k baad har gharhi ham ne
Aap k saath hi guzaari hai
                       - Gulzaar

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Saturday, 15 February 2014 0 comments

A Query

Toot k bikhar gaye hain
Samaitay bhi nahin ja saktay
Khawab mar kyun nahin jatay?

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 0 comments


Khud se batain karne walon pe
Woh bohot hansa karti thi....
Ab woh bohot sharminda hai

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They have been calling me boyish since my childhood and I disagree because what I believe is, that has been the best form of my being a girl, a woman, and that has been my being myself and it has helped me reach many who needed my help. Things have altogether different images while being said and while being done. The most beautiful word that I say, that I mean, that I do and above all that I am is "She". Women around the world not only can stand for themselves but for the other gender too. Such is the glory and beauty that we, being women own. In my everyday life, I put all the efforts to be a helping hand for both girls and boys, women and men in a way or the other, or in a way that they need because I believe, we all have a set of issues and thoughts be it a man or a woman. But yes, we cannot deny the fact that our society is more after women for they get tagged on things like honor, values, traditions and many other similar things. All I am attempting to say here is that, I am the shero of my life and so are you be it a man's world or a woman's. And as we know, they do not walk and talk on being human grounds, they actually stress more on being a man or a woman, so for me it is mandatory here to say it in some other way round, not because I accept the very inhuman nomenclature of our culture, but because I hold both the genders "he" and "she" in me and it is because, I am a human, it is because, I am She.

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