Saturday, 21 June 2014 0 comments


Aik parri ko urhtay daikha
Phir us k parron ko toot'tay daikha
Phir khuwab adhooray yaad aaye...

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Sunday, 8 June 2014 0 comments

Raat Ka Dukh

Aik dukh hai jo zubaan nay bola hai
Magar woh hai k suntaa hi nahin
Meri raat ka dukh woh chuntaa hi nahin

Aik maan hai jo uss ne rakha hi nahin
Meri raat ka dukh woh chuntaa hi nahin

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Thursday, 22 May 2014 1 comments

We Are One....

For all these two years of my stay at QAU, I have been telling this to them,

 Tum ne jannat ka suna hoga lekin
Mera jannat mein aana jana hai

Two solid years passed and sitting in the middle of the hostel's ground, I am facing the facets of some strange thoughts, 
"As if I'm being left by my beloved, as if I'm screaming with pain and my cruel beloved has turned deaf and blind and dumb towards my pain and misery. Some emotions are so intense and sheer. Aren't they? They tear you apart despite knowing that you would not die of them whatever may happen." 

I was feeling the same. My heart was drowning. My pulse was fading. My eyes were aching. I don't know what made my fingers type this all. Maybe, they were not typing, they were bleeding. Yes, it was my heart bleeding through my shivering fingers. 

We humans get attached to certain people in life, and we get attached to certain places, too. I am also one such human being. I do not have even a glimpse of where would I be, after these last days of my stay at Quaid i Azam University. But one thing that I am sure is, wherever I go, wherever I be, wherever I breathe, wherever I stay, I shall take you(read QAU) along, in my heart and mind and soul. 

You may disagree but here, I found out that everything, be it living or dead possesses a soul in it. It sees us. It observes us. It walks with us. It talks to us. It feels us. It smiles and gets annoyed with us. It gets both pleasure and pain from us. 

Ah! I am becoming water and fire, simultaneously. How would I not miss the green trees, the long wide roads, the line of food huts, the sight of the livestock roaming freely, the big blue buses, the big huge mountains, and yes, "the friends".... Do you think it is less painful than the leaving of beloved? No, a big No, a shouting No. It indeed has the same level of pain and misery and helplessness. Gradually and slowly, life takes away everthing from us that we start owning. It hurts us to the worst. It never thinks of our aching hearts. I am really not okay with it. 

Apparently, human beings as bodies seem complete but somewhere deep down, we all have some empty boxes and you(read QAU) have filled one such big empty box which, in a way, has made me a tiny part of your existence, too. You are not 'a place'. You are 'The Place'. You can never be left. You will never be left. 

But nevertheless, I am taking memories with me, I am taking many great friends with me, I am taking a new way of looking at things with me, and most of all, I am taking you with me in me. I am sorry, I cannot leave you for good. In order to keep myself in order, I will have to keep visiting you or otherwise I may cease to exist. Yes, I will have to visit you because we are not separate. I have many centres in my body and soul and you being one makes me say that we are one and so I will keep coming to you, time and again.

Let Shirin say, O folks, Quaid-i-Azam University that dwells between the mountains is not "a piece of land", it is rather "a piece of heaven" on land. And since I have had my bracket of time here and now is the time to leave, I also want to say it again but sadly in the past tense,
                                            Tum ne jannat ka suna hoga lekin
                                             Mera jannat mein aana jana 'tha'..

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014 0 comments


"Tum mere paas nahin ho, 
Main tumhare paas nahin hun.."

Lekin ham dono jaantay hain
Kay yeh such nahin, 
Yeh jhoot hai....

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Friday, 9 May 2014 0 comments


Hamain maangnay ki zaroorat nahin rahi
Hamain rehayee mil gayi hai
Shirin zuban bhi ham hain
Bayaan bhi ham hain
Nazar bhi ham hain
Zeher bhi ham hain
Hamee se dunia ki ronakain hain
Hamee se rangon ki kehkashain hain
Hamee se zinda muhabbatain bhi
hamee se nanni shararatain bhi
Hamee hain nafrat
Hamee muhabbat
Khuda gawah hai
Zuban chalay tu zamana thehray
Bayaan karain tu ghazal ki nisbat
Nazar uthayen tu dil hilaayen
Zehar hamara ilaaj jaisa
Khuda ne Shirin bana k ham ko
Asar bhi Shirin sa kar diya hai

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